As of July 6th, we require face coverings in our studio  at all times, even when you’re taking class.
Here’s why: On July 1 and then again on July 3, California modified the state order about face coverings. Originally, the order said the mask was not needed if there was physical distance (which we can provide at our studio). The revised order says that masks must be worn at all time, unless you’re eating or getting your face worked on. There are a few medical exceptions. Anyone with those exceptions (under two, breathing issues) would not be a candidate for Pilates class. Here’s a link to the order if you wish to read it.
We don’t love this mask guidance but we feel that right now it is the best path for being open. Other gyms like Equinox, Soul Cycle, Core Power Yoga, Grit Cycle and the Orange Theories in our area have all committed to masks. They also did not make this choice because they thought masks were fun. They did it because it is the best path to safety right now.
To our customers who were angry or who said they planned to go to businesses not enforcing the state rule, please know that we are operating with your safety and the safety of our employees in mind. If our trainers feel unsafe or think they are taking risks at work, do you think will teach your class?
As soon as things improve, you can be assured that we will relax the mask requirement or provide options for mask / no-mask classes.
August 10th Update: Masks are still required. Things in our county are improving and we hope to relax this a bit very soon by offering a combination of mask required / mask optional classes.