Core Reform Pilates ® offers high energy, low-impact group Pilates classes. We describe our classes as Pilates fitness classes. The pace is deliberate to quick and we try to keep things fresh. 

Each 50-minute Core Reform class offers a full body workout that blends strength training with cardio activity in a dynamic group setting. Our Reformer based Pilates classes use weight bearing springs, pulleys, straps, jumpboards, and accessories to create a safe and effective workout which sculpts and tones the entire body.

At Core Reform, our fun and engaging classes are taught by top notch Pilates instructors whose upbeat energy and extensive repertoire of exercises challenge every client to strive for their best. Detailed verbal cueing, along with the Pilates-centric focus on form, mechanics and flow, offer a class experience that delivers results.

Upbeat vibes and our bright storefront spaces in the Newport Beach & Laguna Niguel create an environment where clients of all fitness levels are inspired to reach their fitness goals.

Whatever your fitness goals, Core Reform’s trademarked approach to Pilates will help you get there.

Energize, Strengthen & Transform with us!