Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 8.04.06 AMPost by Suzanne Dunlap

Even though summer lingers well into October in Newport Beach, it is time to start thinking about skinny jeans again. Here are some of my favorite moves for a sculpted & lifted booty.

Sideline leg sweeps- this move helps strengthen the muscles around the hips which tones the outer area of the gluteus (Minimus and medius).

Glute lunges- Isolating the glute Maximus can be difficult due to supporting muscles. Glute lunges on the reformer triggers right where the upper thigh and glutes meet, I call it the smile line. It is important to focusing on preforming the move correctly to isolate it, which will create the roundness and lift everyone is looking for.

Single leg kick backs – Firing the muscle from different angles help shape and strengthen the muscle. These are great and you will definitely feel it the next day.

These three exercises are great for creating a lifted round booty because it takes different moves and angles to sculpt our muscles. This combination of exercises will target all of the muscles of the booty and deliver a “full booty workout.”