At Core Reform Pilates, we only offer Group Reformer classes. We believe that the Pilates Reformer is the best and only piece of Pilates equipment that is needed for a thorough, full-body, group class workout.

The Pilates Reformer is extremely versatile. It can be used to work any muscle group with any type of resistance. You’re new? No problem, the springs can be adjusted so it’s lighter when you need it and more supportive if you need that? Super strong? Same comment – there is a spring load adjustment to give every type of client they workout he/she needs.

The Reformer, with the right accessories (like we have at Core Reform, of course!) also makes the other pieces of equipment redundant. Want to do mat exercises? No problem, add a platform. What to do Tower stuff? Adjust the handles at the side of the machine.

Finally, compared to mat, the Pilates Reformer offers a more thorough, more well rounded workout. It’s easier to add a Cardio component to a Reformer routine. Also, for anyone with an injury, the Reformer offers more opportunity for modification.

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