The first time you take a Core Reform Pilates class, we hope you love it! We work hard to create a great studio experience for you.

While each class is always different, we do have a format. Our trainers are trained to teach each class so that it works they entire body and has a “fun” component. We also teach to our class format so that the client always gets the workout they sign up for. We’ve all been to Pilates studios where the class seems to be whatever the instructor feels like teaching – it’s not like that at Core Reform. We make sure that you get a Level 2 workout if you sign up for a Level 2.

We also designed our studio space so clients feel comfortable. We have plenty of space between our machines so there is no toe tapping with a neighbor. We also fine tuned our sound so that the music is loud, but not insane.

Come check us out! We’ve been at our Newport Beach  / Costa Mesa location for 6 years. We recently opened a 2nd location in Laguna Niguel, right at the border of Aliso Viejo and Laguna Hills. We hope to see you there.