Why is Pilates so expensive? Do you offer any discounts?
Sometimes clients ask us about our pricing and wonder if we have any unpublished pricing options.
We want to use this blog entry to address our pricing and hopefully answer some common questions.
First, just to put it out there without a sugar coat, Pilates is not an inexpensive workout. Pilates trainers are skilled employees who go through a rigorous certification program which includes anatomy lessons, practice and observation. It takes hundreds of hours. The benefit for customers is that Pilates teachers really know what they are doing. For classes, the instructor will know how to lead a safe and challenging class. She/he will be able to offer cues so clients can follow along and understand the workout. For privates, the trainer can modify for injuries and challenging bodies. Certification programs teach trainers how to safely work with clients with all different bodies. The price of Pilates classes and Pilates private sessions reflects the knowledge and expertise of the trainers.
Next, Pilates studios are generally located in nice areas. This means that rent is far from free. Customers want studios in great locations which are convenient to things. This costs money which is reflected in studio pricing.
For Core Reform specifically, we offer options of class packages and monthly plans so that our customers have options for their budget and schedule. We also regularly review pricing at competitive studios to make sure our pricing remains competitive. We know Pilates isn’t cheap and we work hard to deliver a consistent positive experience for clients whenever the visit our studios.
Come see us at the studios!