Pilates gets its name from the man who developed the workout, Joe Pilates. Born in Germany in the 1880s, Joe Pilates spent his youth fighting muscle weakness and persistent illness by doing whatever exercise he could. As he grew up he studied many forms of exercises, from body building to yoga and tai chi. While working as a nurse in a war hospital during World War 1, Joe began to attach springs to the hospital beds his patients spent their days in. Many were essentially immobilized from injury and sickness. From his childhood experience of spending much of his days in bed, Joe knew that only movement would give his soldier patients a fighting chance. The Pilates Reformer that you workout on in our Core Reform group classes was invented through by way of Joe Pilates’ experimentation that began over 100 years ago in a hospital full of injured military men. Whenever someone asks if Reformer Pilates is always difficult, I always point out that the machine was made for people who were incapable of getting out of bed!