Another question we hear very frequently at the studio is “When will I see results from doing Pilates classes?”

While the answer is very personal and depends on many factors, including frequency of visits, we can offer the following advice.

Most clients feel like they notice a difference in how they feel after a few good classes of Pilates. They might notice that they feel a bit stronger or that they hold themselves a little taller. After a few weeks, clients notice that they can do more – an exercise that was once very difficult is now easier. After a few months, most clients notice a difference in their bodies. They typically notice they are leaner in their torso and more toned in their legs and arms.

At Core Reform, we see the power of Pilates to transform every day and we love when our clients tell us how great they feel. Come take one of our Level 1, Level 2 or Cardio Core Pilates classes and feel the difference yourself!