We sometimes have clients ask us when they will be ready for a Level 2 class. Here is some food for thought to help clients decide:

  • Most clients are capable of doing and enjoying a Level 2 class if they have taken at least 10 classes with us. 10 classes gives a client enough background in Pilates that they can follow along with the exercises and understand the movement patterns.
  • If there were some prerequisites for a Level 2, they would be pretty simple:
    • Be able to keep up with class and adjust your own Reformer
    • Know when to push yourself and when to ask for help or a modification
    • Feel confident in a Level 1 class, even if it’s still a tough workout
  • We remind clients not to be intimidated by our Level 2 Pilates classes. While our Level 2s are harder than a Level 1, they are also just different. Many of the exercises are just more complex – it’s not that they are heavier or designed to break a greater sweat, they just require more thought or more coordination.  
  • In all of our classes, we offer modifications. So, if you’re new to Level 2, you will have opportunities to step things up or down, depending on how you feel.

Still not sure, ask an instructor next time you’re at the studio OR go ahead and give it a try!