Not sure if you’re ready for a Level 2? Here are some suggestions.
– Generally speaking, most clients are ready for a Level 2 after they have taken 10 Pilates classes. We give 10 as a guideline because that gives most clients enough experience to learn the basics of movement and start to feel like some of the exercises are familiar.
– If you feel comfortable in our Level 1 classes, then there is really no reason why you can’t try a Level 2.  Level 2s are different than Level 1s, but they aren’t twice as hard. The pace is generally quicker and the exercises are a little harder, but it’s not like we’ll ask you to plank on your pinkies. As always, you can work at your own pace in any class and takes breaks if you need them.
– Pilates when done correctly is always pretty challenging. So we like to tell clients that a Level 2 class is just a different type of challenge. A Level 1 is always going to be a good workout and a Level 2 is going to bump it up a notch.
– Ask us if you have questions? Not sure or still feeling uncertain? Talk to us after class or send us an email. We’re here to help!