Both Pilates and Lagree are full body resistance training workouts. While some true Pilates people sometimes look down on Lagree, we think it can be a fun workout. But it’s definitely not for everyone. To us, Lagree is a bit like Pilates on steroids. The weight can be really heavy, so it’s not ideal for those who are just starting out in their strength training journey.
We think the biggest difference between Lagree and Pilates is the teacher. The Lagree certification is a weekend course. Once completed, you’re able to teach. In comparison, a Pilates teacher completes a lengthy and detailed certification program. While they all vary a little bit, it’s usually 300-500 hours of instruction, practice and testing. Pilates teachers learn each exercise and every program also has a section about anatomy. This means that even an inexperienced Pilates teacher is highly qualified to teach. S/he will be prepared to design workouts and know how all the muscles of the body are coming together. S/he will also be prepared to assist a client with most injuries (though of course most studios will do their best to match injured clients with experienced trainers). The bottom line is that Pilates teachers go through a lot more training than Lagree teachers. This means that workouts flow more sensibly and should just “click” with the client a bit more.
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