“What do I wear to class” is a question we hear a lot at the studio.

There’s a lot of bending, stretching, and twisting involved in a Pilates class.  Because of this, your workout attire should be comfortable and non-restricting. Choose workout clothing that’s stretchy and formfitting but not baggy so the instructor is able to see your form during class. We recommend a nice opaque pair of leggings, a sports bra (to hold in the girls!) an athletic top and of course grip socks! In case you don’t own a pair of grip socks already we have these available for purchase at the studio 🙂

For men, we recommend wearing a sweat-wicking athletic shirt and long shorts or track pants. Many Pilates exercises put your legs overhead so try to avoid really loose fitting shorts OR wear a pair of bike shorts/ athletic leggings underneath. This will allow you to move around, upside down and twist around without worrying about showing off more than you want!