What to Expect at your first Pilates class – 3 pieces of advice from our Desk Staff

Pilates can be a intimidating to first timers, but our front desk has some advice for all newbies to the reformer to put those negative thoughts out the door and get you into your first class.

#1 If you’re looking for a fun new type of work out then your normal circuit training at the gym, reformer Pilates could be the perfect fit for you. The reformer challenges your muscles in a different way than normal machines at the gym and you use muscles that you may have not thought about working out before. 

#2  Your body will be stretched, strengthened and aligned all at the same time. Adding Pilates to your routine helps your body move better in every aspect.  Although you may not feel sore during class, after your first class your body will start to feel the sore sensation the day after if not the second as well. But in the best way to keep you wanting to come back for more. 

#3 You’ll learn all new verbiage related to your body. You’ll hear things “Peel through your spine” this means slow movement from vertebra to vertebra. Don’t worry! You’ll get used to all the lingo the more you attend classes.It’s always a good idea to put yourself in the middle of the room, that way you can follow along with any regulars to help guide you in addition to the instructors.

We can wait to see you in the studio to give your new fitness plan a try!