Sometimes a client will ask us why they don’t “feel” an exercise. 99% of the time, we hear this when a client isn’t doing the exercise correctly. So, if you do not “feel” something OR if you feel it in the wrong place. Follow these steps:
First, reset yourself. Stop what you’re doing and start over with the exercise. Tweak your position. Re-grab the strap. Breathe. Once you’ve re-set yourself mentally and physically, start over.
Second, listen to the instructor’s cues. How did she/he tell you how to get into the position? Are you doing that? What muscles is the instructor telling you to use? Are you using those? Sometimes, it can help to touch the muscle that you’re supposed to be using. (Sounds silly, but it works).
Third, lighten the spring tension. Sometimes with Pilates, it can be hard to feel something correctly if the spring tension is too heavy. Heavy sounds good, but if you’re not feeling the exercise it’s not doing you any favors. If that’s the case, lighten up and head back to Step One.
We always want our clients to feel successful in class. So, if you don’t feel something, please tell us so we can help you!