Sometimes in class we hear “I don’t feel this.” As instructors, we always want clients to feel what we are doing and feel disappointed when clients don’t.
Now for the truth, if you are in class and “don’t feel it” or think it’s easy, you are almost certainly not doing the movement to its full potential. It’s quite likely you are missing a key component of the exercise or doing it wrong.
So, if you don’t feel it, take a step back and start over with the exercise. Listen for the instructor’s cues and hit refresh with yourself. Break down the cueing into parts so you can feel each muscle group activated as it’s called out. If you still don’t feel it, then ask the instructor questions after class. If she can, she’ll spend a minute going over the exercise with you and helping you make sense of it. Our Pilates teachers love it when customers want to know more about exercises, so please ask us when you have questions!