With so many fun options in fitness wear, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices. Reformer pilates is different from other workouts, and the equipment we use and movements we perform work best when you follow our easy gear guide!
1. Bottoms: High and hugging. Stick to high rise and high waist pants for your reformer workout. Moving around on the machine can start to inch your waistband downwards, forcing you to pause your work and adjust. With only 50 minutes, those tiny pauses add up fast. Wear high waist pants, shorts, or leggings to stay free of distraction while you work.
2. Tops: Sleek and secure. Any style of t-shirt or tank can work on the reformer, but because of the movement of our shoulders and upper back, you’ll need to ensure mobility. T-shirts should move freely with your arms, watch out for bunching and shifting in the fabric, as it will interfere with the instructor’s ability to observe your form and keep you moving safely and with maximum efficiency. Tanks and tops should hug the body low around the hips or waist, or be tucked in. Our jumping work will edge a loose shirt up and make it difficult to comfortably maintain proper low back and abdominal engagement.
3. Toes: Grip is great. we require students to wear grip socks for safety. There are a range of styles available, but make sure yours cover your heels and the balls of your feet. These high traffic parts of the foot are most important during your workout. Slippery socks or bare feet will impact your ability to perform leg work properly, and can cause you to injure your feet or ankles through improper alignment. Make sure the grip on the sole of your sock is strong. With many months of washing the plastic on the base can start to wear off. Keeping them out of the dryer will help preserve your grip.
4. Hair: Welcome to the pony show. Because of the position of the head during many exercises in the reformer repertoire, students with long hair should avoid a middle of the head ponytail or bun. Braids, low buns, super high top knots, or a side pony tail are the best choice for maintaining comfort and proper head and neck alignment on the reformer.
We host trunk shows periodically in both of our studios, from some of our favorite brands and shops. They always have beautiful options for all our students. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.