Core Reform wants to debunk the myth that Pilates is not a hard workout for guys. Pilates is a tough workout for anyone, including guys. Here are some specific things we’ve seen/heard at the studio that we want to address.

We’ve heard that Pilates classes are won’t offer results because not enough weight is used. While Pilates does not always use as much weight as gym workouts, that does not mean the workout isn’t effective. With Pilates, the results is quality over quantity. In a Core Reform class, you’ll be challenged to use as much resistance as you can manage while 1) keeping your form correct and 2) working the right muscles. Proper form + muscle focus = results.

On the flip side, we’ve also heard concerns from guys about not being able to handle some of the balance work involved in Pilates. This is a valid concern — the balance aspect of Pilates exercises, especially in our Level 2 class is tough! Also, men have narrower hips than women and sometimes men find it more difficult to balance. That being said, with a bit of focus and an extra hand for stability, the majority of guys do just fine with balance work.

Myths = debunked! If you’re in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, or Irvine area, come try a Core Reform Pilates class!