While the majority of Core Reform’s clients are women, we do have guy clients at Core Reform. Most of our classes have at least one guy in them, especially on the weekends. While both men and women see benefits from Pilates, one difference we notice between men & women is that they often have different motivations for visiting the studio.

Generally speaking, women get into Pilates because they want to get in shape or tighten muscles. While guys care about these things, they more commonly say that they started with Pilates because they want to feel better or do something better. For example, we have at least one client who wanted to improve his golf game – he had heard that Pilates could help with that so he started coming once per week. In another example, we have a male client who travels a lot for work and feels tight from too many airplane rides. He started doing Pilates regularly because he noticed his body felt better when he did.

Stay tuned — we’ll write another post soon debunking the myth that Pilates is not a challenging workout for guys.

In the meantime, we invite the gentlemen of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine & surrounding areas to come check out a Core Reform Pilates class!