30 Minute Vacation Mat Workout

Going on vacation and can’t get to the studio for Pilates class? This 30 minute mat workout will get your heart pumping and keep you in shape until you get home!

Spine Twist:
Lying on your back (supine) arms in T position, palms facing up, legs in tabletop position.
Inhale-twist legs to one side.
Exhale- using your opposite oblique, pull legs back to starting position. Repeat other side.
Cues: Make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and scapulae down on the mat.

Single Leg Lift/ Changes:
Still supine with neutral spine and feet flat on the floor, arms by your sides.
Exhale: lift one leg to table top
Inhale: lower leg and tap your toes onto the mat. Repeat 5x on the same leg then switch.
More advanced: Perform the same thing in a bridge position with the hips lifted
Cues: Keep the moving knee bent at a 90 degree angle and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Lying Supine, legs in tabletop, arms overhead slightly hovering off the mat. To prepare you will take an Exhale and lift your head and chest into flexion, lower your arms down to your sides parallel to the mat and extend your legs out at an angle where you do not feel any lower back arching or discomfort.
Exhale: 5 arm pumps
Inhale: 5 arm pumps
10 sets of 10 for a full Hundred!
Cues: your trunk and pelvis need to stay still and stable as you move the arms up and down

Double leg stretch:
Lying supine with head and chest lifted into flexion, knees bent with shins parallel to the floor and hand on your knees.
Inhale: reach your arms overhead and straighten the legs forward (legs at same height as your hundred position) without lowering the torso.
Exhale: Circle your arms out and around while pulling the knees back in.
Cues: use your arms/hands to lift your torso higher.

Criss Cross “bicycle”
An oldie but a goodie for that oblique work! Head and chest is lifted in flexion with your fingers interlaced behind the head and your knees bent in tabletop
Exhale: straighten the left leg as you rotate to the right side (keep the right knee bent)
Inhale: cross through center to change to left side
Exhale: rotate to the left as you straighten out the right leg and bend the left knee in. Repeat and go at a nice brisk pace to get that heart rate up!
Cues: Keep the elbows wide and avoid pulling on your neck.

Roll Up:
Lying supine, arms overhead with palms facing each other, legs straight and glued together, toes pointed.
Inhale: lift the head and chest as the arms lift up and forward
Exhale: use the abdominals to continue rolling up to a seated C curve position arms are parallel to the legs in line with the shoulders.
Inhale: pause at the top
Exhale: roll back down to the starting position, maintaining the C curve on the way down
Cues: Keep your head inline with your spine, chin slightly tucks into your chest.

Roll Like a ball. This one is so fun!
Sitting balancing on your tailbone with your knees bent and together, hands on your shins close to your ankles,and your feet off the mat.
Inhale: Hold the shape and roll back to your shoulder blades (not to your neck!)
Exhale: roll forward to starting position still balancing with your feet off the mat.
Cues: Try to make this as fluid and slow as you can. Really make those abs work to control the movement.

Practice your swimming even outside of the pool! This one is great for back extension.
Lying prone (on your belly), arms are reaching forward with your chest lifted and your arms and legs off the mat.
Inhale for 5 breaths alternating 5 times lifting the right arm and left leg in opposition
Exhale for 5 breaths doing the same.
Cues: Keep your head in line with your spine (no creases behind the neck) and the belly tight tight tight! You must protect your lower back here by keeping your abdominals engaged.

And of course you can’t forget your Planks!
Try holding your plank for 1-2 minutes. Get fancy and throw in some push up and/or side planks as well!
Cues: Keep your shoulders pressing down away from the ears to stabilize your scapula. Keep the tailbone slightly tucked and squeeze that tush!