Our trainer Ann is in France and we asked her how she was doing:

Hey, thanks a lot for checking in. Things are weird and intense here, but I’m doing fine. I’m living in a small house with 5 friends, even in this very tiny village (maybe 20 homes and no shops) there are police to make sure we don’t leave a 2k distance of our house. To leave the house at all we have to carry a special permit that states who we are, where we live, and which of the 4 legal reasons we have for being outside. We don’t have a printer so mine is handwritten. I’ll include a photo. To go to the big village for groceries we make one list and the guy who owns the house drives with his papers. There is hand gel at the doors and there are police everywhere. There are lots of elderly people in this tiny village. So we put a note on the community board saying we are young and available to make trips to town, or help any way we can. The whole country is banned from doing sports outside. The French Mountaineering Federation asked that no one climb, ski, or even hike far because of stress on rescue and basic medical services. My friends and I made a decision to stay as a group and isolate together, as we were together when Macron spoke last Monday and announced the restrictions. We drove about 200 miles to get to this village, our safest bet with vans and mixed residencies. In the whole drive we saw maybe 6 other cars. In American terms, imagine driving on I-5 all the way to Fresno and seeing that. Absolutely apocalyptic and serious. The fine for being out without your permit is 500€ or now. But in Spain where our friends live it’s €1500. We’re all in good spirits and grateful to be together. We allow ourselves 30 minutes of news per day, and agree not to get obsessed about it. France is hanging in, but this confinement is indefinite. But it will be a rather long month at least ahead. Lots of mat Pilates and music and baking.

Update: the rules just changed, we have a 1500€ fine now too, and limited to 1 hour outside within 1k of your house. It’s crazy how the hardcore rules from yesterday seem so free 🤙😘😘