Cardio Core classes are super fun! You’ll jump your heart out and get a great cardio workout as the instructor leads you through jump-board intervals designed to work the core, burn fat & develop muscle. This class is made to get your heart rate up while still doing a challenging and fun Pilates class!

The jumpboard is attached at the bottom of the reformer and turns the reformer into a low impact trampoline while laying on your back! You adjust your springs to the tension you would prefer to decide if you would rather get more of an abdominal or leg workout. With a heavier spring, you get more of a leg workout while a lighter spring will give you more of an abdominal workout. The tension of the springs allows you to get a low impact but high-quality workout!

The jumpboard is fantastic because it builds muscle and gives you a cardio workout all while laying down. Who doesn’t love getting a workout while laying down? The Jumpboard is an essential in all of our classes because no matter what age or shape you are in, the jumpboard is friendly to everyone.

Jumpboard tips:
• Remember to set up properly and make sure your screws are tightly screwed to the right to secure your jumpboard
• Keep your lower back glued to the carriage to avoid tension in your lower back and to ensure you are getting the optimal workout
• Always land toe-ball-heal
• Remember to breathe!
• Have fun! You are jumping on a trampoline after all!