Core Reform Pilates® has a team of top-notch trainers committed to offering clients awesome classes every time they visit the studio.

April has always been active with gymnastics, dance, spinning, and cardio. April’s teaching style is detailed – she works diligently to explain movements and how they should feel. April is also a cheerleader for her clients, motivating them to do their best. April loves teaching Pilates – it brightens her day when clients are driven to do their best. April has her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and is a BASI Certified instructor.

Ashley has always been a group exercise person – she’s done Pilates, yoga, spin, kickboxing. When Ashely started teaching Pilates, she naturally leveraged her class experience into her own teaching style. Ashley tries to teach classes that are fun and instructive. She loves seeing her clients develop body awarenesses and enjoy learning Pilates. Ashley is a BASI Certified instructor.

Francesca’s background in contemporary jazz and modern dance comes through in her upbeat classes. Francesca’s teaching style mixes a focus on movement quality with a desire to challenge her clients. Francesca loves the sense of accomplishment her students feel after a class. Francesca has a Master’s degree in Dance and her Pilates certification is from BASI.

Suzanne starting doing Pilates as a way to compliment her running. After a few reformer classes she was hooked. She loved the muscle execution and the low impact and decided to obtain her certification with STOTT Pilates. Her teaching style adds a twist to classical moves. She loves adding an extra challenge so clients can see how they have progressed in their practice.

Kelly is a lifeline dancer and fitness enthusiast who started Pilates as a way to keep fit. Her teaching style is upbeat and fast paced and her cueing is very detailed. Kelly’s certification is from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Kelly is also working on her Holistic Health Coach Certification.

Alice grew up with soccer, gymnastics and dance. In her early 20s, she discovered Pilates as a way to treat pain from years of intense sports. When she saw the benefits, she decided she had to get certified. She loves teaching Pilates because of the benefits it brings to her clients. Alice’s holds a degree from Cal State Fullerton and her Pilates certification is from BASI.

Ann is a rock climber who first started Pilates after encouragement from her dad! Ann describes her teaching style as a combination of Classical Pilates and athletic conditioning. Ann, who also teaching barre, has her Pilates certification with Peak Pilates.

Meghan was inspired to start her Pilates journey by her grandmother after seeing the quality of life it was able to give to her. She did Pilates until she was 90. Her previous weight lifting and gym experience has given her a passion for correct form and a lean core. Her teaching style is energetic and form focused. She received her certification from Pure Pilates.

Julie loves fitness & started teaching fitness classes at the age of 18. She began her Pilates journey after a back injury when she needed an effective workout that wouldn’t cause further harm. She loves teaching challenging classes with emphasis on glues and abs. She holds a degree in kinesiology and received her Pilates certification through Pure Pilates. 

Sarah teaches upbeat classes with detailed cueing. She nerds out on body alignment. A lifelong dancer, she found Pilates after a back injury. Sarah’s certification is from BASI.

Julianne teaches high energy & fun Pilates classes that challenge the whole body. She sees herself as a Pilates nerd & she wants clients to think about how an exercise should feel and which parts of the body are being used. Her certification utilizes the Balanced Body curriculum. She also has her pre & post natal certification.

Beth is a former competitive gymnast. She discovered Pilates as a way to help relieve her lumbar and cervical disc issues. She loved the overall results, and wanted to learn more. She likes to teach challenging workouts that inspire others. Her certification is from Balanced Body.

Danielle is a professional dancer and performer. She first learned about Pilates after several of her dance professors recommended it. Her classes include lots of detail because she wants clients to leave understanding how their bodies move. Danielle has a degree from Loyola Marymount and her certification is from BASI.

Lindsay loves how Pilates strengthens every part of your body. Lindsay is a former Laker girl whose teaching style is fluid, energetic and fun. Her certification is from BASI.