Here are three tips for getting the most out of your Private Pilates sessions:

First, when you are getting started, share your goals with your trainer. Let her know why you signed up for Private sessions and what you’d like to accomplish. Be honest with yourself and your trainer so that she can help you feel successful. For example, if you say you want to get fit but really want super sculpted shoulders, you won’t be happy with the full body workout your trainer provides. Talk about goals as you take your sessions so your trainer can help you!

Second, leave some flexibility in your plans for what the trainer learns about your body. Once your trainer gets to know how, she will see your strengths and weaknesses. Let her work with you as she learns about your body so you can get stronger!

Finally, remember that fitness is a process. If you start with 5 sessions, you’ll definitely start learning Pilates and develop strength. But fitness is a journey and a process. It ebbs and flows. If you keep up with your routine, you’ll see yourself getting stronger and more fit. As your strength develops, you’ll notice that you have different things to work on.