We want you to get to know our trainers a bit more. Learn more about Sarah with this Q&A:

Q: Hi Sarah! We are going to ask you a few questions about Core Reform, ok?

A: Yes!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the easiest body part for clients to see improvement on once they start Pilates classes?

A: Hhhmm, that’s tough because I think most clients feel improvement pretty quickly. In terms of what’s visible though, it’s probably the shoulders. The muscles of the shoulder are pretty small and most people don’t carry weight on their shoulders, so they tend to show pretty easily once they get fired up.

Q: OK, awesome. Tell us your goal when teaching a Pilates class here at the studio.

A: Well, I want to make sure everyone gets a good workout. I want the clients to leave feeling worked out and refreshed. I want them to feel challenged but I also want them to like it so they keep coming back. As a teacher, I plan a workout for them that will hit all the main body parts and hopefully also add a little spice to keep it fun and fresh.

Q: What’s the best advice you would give to clients who have been coming a while? We give a lot of advice to new clients, but I want you to think specifically about people who you know.

A: Good question! I think the most important thing I’d tell our regular Pilates class clients is to really listen to the cueing. That’s especially true when they are sort of newish but not new – like when they know the exercises a little. For example, the first thing clients learn is what the exercises are and how to do them. Once they get better at that, I want them to hear my cues about how to move the muscles and which muscles they should feel.