Three Tips from Pilates Trainers for a Successful Class
1) Schedule your class when you are sure it’s a good time for you to attend. You’ll want to pick a time when you won’t be late arriving or feel rushed to leave so that you don’t feel hurried or frazzled going to or coming from the studio. Also, schedule a class when it works with your body. Some people are early birds, others are night owls. Know what works for your body and schedule accordingly.
2) Mentally and physically prepare yourself for class. Make sure you eat something 2 hours before working out. Make sure you’ve had enough water. If you woke up stiff, do a little walk around to get the body moving. And get dressed! Put your workout clothes on and look good for yourself!
3) Ask questions before or after class. Trainers love to be helpful – that’s part of why they became fitness professionals. Take a moment or two before or after class to talk with the teacher and ask her questions. When a trainer gets questions from a client, she’s usually flattered to know that a client was paying that much attention in class and she wants to teach them more about the exercises. Get to know the trainers – the more they get to know you, the more they will offer personalized corrections during class.