Some studios use reformers, towers and chairs for their Pilates classes. We just use the reformer.Want to know why?
First, we use Merrithew brand Pilates reformers which come with a platform extender. This extender make it possible for us to do a whole range of exercises which aren’t possible with only the reformers. In addition to standing work, we can do the whole mat repertoire on the carriage! Second, the Merrithew brand machines come with the Cardio Tramp. We just love the Cardio Tramps. They are so fun to use and allow us to add a jumping component to all of our classes. We feel this makes our classes more energetic than if we tried to incorporate chairs and towers. Third, and perhaps most importantly, we stick with one machine because we want to keep set up time to a minimum. We know our customers are paying for 50 minute Pilates classes and our workouts are planned to keep the flow smooth. If we were switching apparatus, we’d be spending more time setting up and less time teaching class.
Chairs, towers, barrels and arcs are all amazing and they most definitely have their place in Pilates. For us, the Reformer is just the best “fit” for our class plan. We like to keep you going so that you feel worked out, energized and accomplished after every session.