The vast majority of our clients attend our high energy, fast paced group reformer workouts. But many people also take a private lesson occasionally, and it helps them increase the results, and the fun, of group workouts. If you’ve been coming to Core Reform for a while now, consider taking a private lesson with one of your favorite instructors. Pilates private lessons are a quick and effective way to get all your questions answered. Your instructor will teach you how to make the exercises more challenging in class, or how to adapt common exercises for your individual needs. If elephant never quite hits your low abs, or jumping always makes your low back feel tight, or if you don’t see the gains in flexibility that you want to, a private lesson could help! For an experienced group reformer student who wants to see greater results, a couple of private lessons can revolutionize your workout and show you all that Pilates has to offer. If you are ready to refresh your workout, contact us for private Pilates scheduling and pricing options.