As far as classes vs privates, it’s completely an individual decision. Every client is different and there isn’t a one size fits all approach.

Generally, we’d recommend anyone with injuries or weaknesses start with a few privates. Privates are also great for those wanting to learn movements before they join a class.

The majority of our clients feel comfortable starting with classes. Before a client’s first class, we’ll take a few minutes to go over the reformer. We will explain the springs and machine set up. During the class, the teacher will give very detailed cueing on how to do the exercises and set up the machine. Most clients find they can follow along. It generally takes a handful of classes to get the hang of things. That’s normal and part of the learning process.

A nice happy medium for some clients is starting with our Fashion Island studio. That studio has a more limited class schedule (we do lots of privates there) and classes have no more than 5 people. There is more personal attention at Fashion Island than there is at Westcliff. This can be helpful for some clients.

If you want to schedule a class, we do all of the reservations form the website. A new client will make a profile, purchase a new client offer and then schedule class. If a client wants to start with, then we coordinate available times over email.