Short Spine is one of our favorite exercises to teach, especially in a private session. This exercise is great for spinal articulation, core strength and triceps as you push against the mat.

Here’s how we teach short spine. You start laying down start in Froggie. As you exhale, you straighten legs towards the footbar at 45 degrees. As you inhale, you keep the legs straight, carry them over head and bring the carriage all the way into the stopper “dock your carriage.” Then, you exhale, push into the mat and roll up through your spine to your shoulder blades keeping tension in the straps the whole time, keeping the carriage still. As you inhale, you bend the knees and lower them down toward the shoulder blocks, keep the feet over your head. Lastly, you exhale, articulate back down through the spine, heel stay glued together. Once the tailbone touches the mat back in froggie position you pause take a deep inhale and then repeat!