All of our classes use cueing to tell clients how to do the class. We use movement cues, muscle cues and safety cues.
Safety cues are important! Safety cues remind the class how to safely compete a class. Here are a few safety cues, explained:
* Keep your core engaged: This one is critical. In many exercise, like kneeling arms, clients need to keep their abs engaged as they do the exercise. Tightening the abs makes it so you don’t fall forward or backwards on the machine. When the instructor cues keeping your core engaged, what she is really saying is “Tighten your abdominals while before move your arms. This exercise is designed to strengthen your core and your arms.”
* Stand on your platform first: When we do standing work, we always need to start by standing on the platform first. The platform doesn’t move. The carriage does. It is important to start each exercise grounded, on the non-moving part.
* Find your balance: Balance work is hard. It is something that needs to be practiced and it can change from day to day. When we talk about finding your balance, what we really mean is find your body awareness and take what you can that day. Some days are going to be easy and you’ll be able to balance no problem. Other day you might need a little extra support, like holding the Cardio Tramp or a wooden dowl
Next time you’re in class, we hope you notice safety cues and how they can help your workout.