Our studio takes a fun and fitness-y approach to Pilates and we want clients to feel like they get a workout every time they take class.

For customers who aren’t sure if they are able to take class, we’ve put together a list:

  • Students need to be able to hear the instructor’s cues. For those with difficultly hearing, please email us before coming in. We can give you some pointers to help you in class or you may wish to consider a private session or two before joining class.
  • Physical Requirements: Class students should be able to:
    • raise their hands over their head
    • kneel for a few minutes at a time
    • move quickly from sitting to laying (or vice versa)
    • stand on a moving carriage
    • plank on forearms or hands (kneeling plank is A-OK!)
    • Anyone not able to do those things should take Private Pilates before group classes
  • Machine requirements: Students need to be able to adjust their own reformers. This means changing your own springs (we will show you how) move the footbar and pick up your accessories (up to 13 pounds). If you cannot do these things, they you are a candidate for private Pilates training.

The vast majority of clients are very capable of taking class without starting with privates. However, some clients need a little extra support before class and should start with Private training.