To get the best workout for your Pilates class, it’s helpful to understand the spring options for our machines.
Our Merrithew reformers we have 3 different colors.
The red spring is 100% resistance. It will be the heaviest of all the colors. The blue spring is 50% of the tension and the white, the lightest spring, is 25%. For most exercises, heavier is harder, but there are exceptions to that rule. For example, planking is harder on a white (little tension) than on a red (more tension). Other exercises just feel different on different springs. For example, side splits on a white or blue works inner thighs; side splits on a blue/white or red is outer thigh and glutes.
When our teachers plan a workout, they think about the best spring choice for the class they are teaching. They often offer options to make an exercise easier or more difficult. We always require that clients follow the spring guidelines set by the instructor. This is to ensure that clients receive a fun, safe & challenging workout. See you in class!