Q: Hi Francesca! We are going a quick Q&A session for one of our blog posts. I have three questions to ask you. Ready?

A: Yes!

Q: Tell our readers what you do at Core Reform Pilates.

A: Well, I have worked at Core Reform since 2012 so I wear many hats at the studio. I started working at the studio as a Desk Associate when I was getting certified in Pilates. I worked 12 hours per week and responded to emails and all that good stuff. Once I started teaching, I continued to work the desk and I taught a lot. Then I went to graduate school to get a Masters degree in Dance. Around then, I became the Training Manager. So I help define each class format and make sure that trainers teach to the class format. I also help new trainers learn our teaching style, which is different than other studios. In addition to that, I am also the auto-pay manager, so I help customers when they have questions with their auto-pay plans.

Q: Francesca does a lot for our studio. What is your favorite thing about Core Reform?

A: I love our class formats and they detailed cueing they provide. As a trainer, the format gives me the freedom to have some fun with Pilates and really challenge the clients. When I take class, I notice how the trainer talks the whole time and offers cues so that everyone can follow along at their own pace.

Q: What advice would you give to any new Pilates trainer out there who is getting ready to teach?

A: Practice and Plan! You have to plan your workouts and make sure they flow. You have to try it out so you know how it feels. And you have to keep track of what you did. I’ve been teaching since 2013 and I still keep a notebook with me when I teach – it has a rough outline of what I plan to do each day. I look at that outline so that I always offer something different and don’t repeat. It’s so important to prepare, especially as a new trainer.