Q: Hi Lindsay, we are going to ask you some questions for our blog post, ok?
A: Yes, of course!
Q: You teach a pretty robust schedule of privates as well as many group Pilates classes. What advice would you give to a client who isn’t sure which is best for them.
A: Well, it really depends on the client and his/her goals and preferences. Some clients just prefer private training because they like the personal attention and focus. Some clients need privates because they can’t do classes. Generally, I’d say the value of a class is that it really pushes you to work hard for a full 50 minutes. In a class, you just have to go and you get pushed to do things that maybe you wouldn’t in private training. In private training, there is a lot of back and forth about form and feeling. I personally think clients see the most success when they do a combination of classes and privates.
Q: What’s your favorite accessory to use for classes and privates?
A: Easy question! I love our green resistance bands. You can use them for almost anything. I love warming up with footwork and the green band because it forces clients to really pay attention to the spacing of their legs. You can use the bands during planks or during abs on your back. It’s my favorite.
Q: What is your favorite thing about Core Reform?
A: I love our two locations. I love teaching my privates and small group Pilates at Fashion Island because I enjoy talking with the clients and getting to know them. But I also love teaching classes at Westcliff because the clients always love a good workout and they are down for almost any challenge that I give them. So it’s a fun place to teach.