At Core Reform, we obviously LOVE group Pilates classes. Awesome Group classes are our passion. That being said, we are firm believers in the power of private training to transform. There are few scenarios when private training is highly recommended.

One: If you’ve had any major surgery due to an injury or if you have a medical condition, you should almost certainly do at least a few privates before taking class. Learning proper form and how to modify for your body will keep you safe and successful in class.

Two: If you have a goal, privates will help you get their quicker. Private training, even just 2 sessions, can be an amazing compliment to your classes. You’ll learn how to made slight tweaks to your movements that will yield max results. Plus, if you have a goal, you can spend you entire 50 minute session focusing on your goal or goal area.

Three: If you’re getting certified in Pilates, you need to do some privates. This will give you the most opportunity to truly and deeply understand the exercises and how the movements feel.

Give us a call at the studio if you’d like to talk more or if you’d like to schedule a private session.