You’ve made the commitment to start Private Pilates Training – yay! This blog post contains our tips for how to make the most of your private training experience.
First, tell your trainer what your goals are. Make sure you tell the trainer how you want to feel after each session. Maybe you want to feel a little sore & worked out, stretched out or rehabilitated. Tell your trainer and be specific with your wants and needs so she knows how to build your sessions. For example include: I want to learn to modify exercises for my knee so I can take class; I want to gain some more upper body strength;  I want to fix my abdominal separation;  I just want to learn a little so I can take class.
Second, be a little patient. Results do not happen overnight and it will take multiple sessions for your trainer to get to know you and to figure out how to maximize your workouts. For your first session, you should leave feeling like you got a good workout & that your trainer knows what you want to get out of your private training. As you continue with your sessions, your trainer is going to start to see where you are strong and where you need to be pushed. You need to give the process time to start working.
Third, remember that private training is a little bit of what you want (your goals) and a little bit of what you need (your trainer’s assessment of your goals). Remember that your trainer does this for a living, and she will notice things about your movements and patterns that you don’t see. Allow your trainer to work with this so that you can see results and get stronger!