pre & post natal pilates classes with Core ReformCore Reform Pilates® welcomes expecting & new moms to our studio.

For expecting moms, Pilates during pregnancy can be a great workout. Core Reform’s philosophy on Pilates during pregnancy is that Pilates, with modifications, can be a safe and effective workout for many women. We always recommend pregnant clients start with privates before jumping into class. There are modifications that need to be made for growing bumps and a group class will almost certainly include exercises that pregnant women should modify, limit or avoid. Pilates during pregnancy is a highly individual experience and there is no one size fits all approach. We encourage expecting clients to start their Pilates journey with private training before taking class. The two private special ($120) is great for teaching women about the Pilates modifications they will need to make during their pregnancies. Check out our blog post about Pilates while pregnant.

New moms at Core Reform also have great options. Depending on how a new mom is feeling, she may be ready to jump right into group reformer classes. If she has any abdominal separation or if she cannot feel her abdominal muscles, she should take privates to relearn how to connect the abdominal muscles. We do allow infants in infant seats (<6 months) to accompany their parent to private training sessions scheduled between 12-4pm.

Not sure if you should take a few privates before classes? Have a look below!

– Expecting moms who have had any serious health issues or pregnancy complications should NOT take classes. Similarly, we recommend private training for expecting moms who need help with modifications.  

– New moms who have abdominal separation or cannot feel the connection with their abdominals should take privates. A client with these symptoms sometimes needs extra help re-learning how to use the abdominal muscles. She may be physically strong enough to take classes, but she won’t see the results she is looking for until the abs are working how they are supposed to! Read more here.