We recently hosted our Pilates for Pregnancy workshop, but now it’s time to talk about retaining your pre-pregnancy shape. Since we have loads of mom-clients at our studio, and plenty of clients who are looking to slim down after baby (or babies), we have lots to say about how Pilates can work wonders for a new mom.

First, Pilates works the core. The core is the middle of the body – the area most in need of a little bit of extra attention after having a baby. Many of the Pilates exercises work the core exclusively, and many other exercises work the core even if the emphasis of the exercise is on something else, like arms or legs.

Second, Pilates can help to heal diastasis recti, which is abdominal separation that some women get after pregnancy. For clients with this (not fun) condition, the key is to recognize that getting the muscles back together is going to take some time. Flexion (anything with a crunch) should be avoided. The client will need to relearn what it feels like to use her abdominals so they can start to work properly. (For clients with diastasis recti, private training might be the way to go – at least a few sessions – contact us for details).

Third, a Pilates class can be an awesome break for a new mom who has a lot on her plate. Mental breaks are excellent and Core Reform works hard to make every Pilates class a fun experience.

If you’re looking to shape up after a baby, come check out Core Reform. Our fun Pilates classes are the boost that you need! Also, we offer a post-baby special on classes & privates — check out our Specials page for details.

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