There are a few things that are almost certainly pet peeves for every Pilates trainer on the planet. Here’s our secret list.
1. Faking it in class: We know who is trying in class and who is faking it. As trainers, we learn how to see which muscles are working and how clients are moving through the various Pilates exercises. We can tell when our customers are “faking it” and just going through the motions. And we can tell who is working really hard in class. When we see someone in class who is giving it their all, even if she/he is modifying or taking breaks, we are going to our best to acknowledge them after class. We love our hard workers and salute them.
2. Inflating Pilates experience before your first class: When you’re new to Pilates, we are excited to meet you and we want you to be honest about your experience. Sometimes new clients will inflate the number of times they have done Pilates before visiting our studio. This makes no sense to us at all! If someone is new, we want to know so that we can go over the machine more thoroughly. Also, if someone is new, we’ll pay closer attention to that person. We love seeing new people in our Pilates classes – everyone starts somewhere and being new is A-OK!
3. Not speaking up when you have questions about an exercise: Our teachers want to know when clients do not feel something or have questions about an exercise. When we get questions post-class, we are always glad to answer them. When clients have questions and don’t ask us, we get frustrated because we want to help! Our trainers love Pilates and they want to share their knowledge with customers. We want to know when clients have questions so that we can share our excitement about Pilates!