Core Reform is excited to be open and to welcome clients to our studio. Here are our safety plans. Please know this list is not an exhaustive list of everything we do. We recognize that we’re dealing with a fluid situation and things will change as we move along.
There is no risk free environment BUT we are committed to doing our best to keep your Pilates safe and fun.
As of March, we are offering a mix of Mask Required and Mask Optional classes. Unless a class is marked Mask Optional. As our county move through different tiers, we will adjust the mix of Mask Required and Mask Optional classes. We enforce our mask policy and clients should not attend unless they plan to comply. In a mask optional class, members must still wear their mask anytime they enter and exit the studio. 
Holds and Refunds
  • All clients purchasing a package at this point in time should understand there is a pandemic. Refunds or  hold are not allowed if a client changes his/her mind about attending.
  • Holds are of course allowed for any client exposed to covid or who becomes ill with covid. Email us and we will be glad to help you.

Entering and Exiting the Studio

  • All clients will sign a waiver, which includes a Covid-19 waiver of liability.
  • No one (client, staff, cleaners) may enter if they are ill or have recently been exposed to Covid-19.
  • Any client or trainer showing any symptom of illness will be asked to leave.
  • Walking into the door at our studio means you self certify that you are not experiencing Covid symptoms or have not been exposed to Covid.
  • Customers will walk in to the studio and head to their reformers. Personal belongings, kept to a minimum, are placed next to a customer’s assigned reformer at Westcliff and in the cubbies at Fashion Island.
  • Hand sanitizer will be liberally placed around the studio.
  • Trainers will only assist with transactions if a client has a credit card on file. Similarly, if a client wants to purchase something, client may buy it it him/herself via the Buy page of the website.
During Class / Private Sessions
  • All machines are 6 feet apart.
  • Customers will wipe down their machine and accessories before & after their session.
  • Customers will change all of their own springs.
  • No physical corrections will be provided.
  • Trainers will stand a minimum of 6 feet from customers.
  • Doors and fans to remain on to keep air flowing.
  • The water cooler is available but clients must use studio cups.
Behavior / Etiquette
  • Any customer who threatens the safety of an employee will be asked to leave.
    • If an employee complains to Core Reform management about unsafe behavior by a client, Core Reform will side with the employee. The customer will receive an email and remaining sessions will be refunded.
  • No congregating inside the studio. Customers will arrive, go to their machines, then leave. Chatting will be outside.
  • We are a Pilates studio and will keep discussion to Pilates.
After Hours
  • Our cleaning procedures have always been robust and hopefully knows that cleaning has always been a part of our business at Core Reform. Going forward, we’ll clean even more than we did before. This includes increased attention to areas like the studio counter, shelves, etc. We will be working with our cleaning crew to address shared touch points.
Policy Changes
  • We’ve updated our sick / hold policy for members.
  • As always, we reserve the right to change the instructor at the last minute. If a trainer is sick, we will do our best to find a sub. We ask all clients to show flexibility and understanding when this takes place.
  • Safety training completed.
  • Open dialogue about safety.
  • All amazing California labor laws guiding behavior.