As all clients know, our 12 hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced at all times.
We have this policy because we have a finite number of machines. When someone reserves one, that means that mean isn’t available for someone else. Consequently, when class is full, a last minute cancellation means that someone else who wanted to come can’t come. When class isn’t full, the policy is still enforced. Often, when classes aren’t full, the instructor will look to see who is enrolled. She might modify her class plan based on enrollment.
Here are some tips to avoid being dinged for a late cancellation penalty.
* Whenever you book a class, check your email for your class confirmation email. If you did something wrong, cancel the class and send us an email. We do our best to assist with genuine mistakes when the class has been cancelled.
* When you can’t make it last minute, PLEASE use the online scheduler to cancel your spot. This opens the spot for someone else and tells the staff you won’t attend. Last minute emails earn no favors.
* If there is a true emergency or something truly out of your control, please use the online scheduler and then you can send us a note. We will have a manager review your request. True emergencies tend to be things like emergency vehicles blocking your street so you can’t get out, the flu (which comes on suddenly), visits to urgent care (we may request a medical note) or natural disasters.
* In other cases, we do except you to plan your Pilates visits 12 hours out or more. 12 hours gives everyone time to know about head colds, potential sick kids, potential late nights at work and all the things in life that make us need a break for Pilates.