One of the first things new students ask when they join Core Reform is “how can I get visible results faster”?. No matter what your fitness goals are, adding a consistent reformer Pilates workout to your week will change your body. But yes! You can make small changes outside the studio to make sure you get the most from your time on the machine.
When you add additional workouts to your life, you have to adjust your nutrition as well, just like if you add a new commute to your day, you’ll adjust the fuel in your car.
Follow these easy guidelines to ensure that your body is able to make the most of your fitness routine.
1. Double down on H2O. Fill up a liter of water (we offer free flowing filtered water from a cooler at all locations) and drink half about 30 minutes prior to your class. Drink the rest immediately afterward. It’s easy, particularly in the cooler months, to forget to drink adequate water. But if you begin to dehydrate after a workout, your body will react by bloating slightly and craving salty snacks. Keep an eye on your consumption and aim for 3-4 liters per day, opting for more on hard workout days.
2. Sleep. When you don’t have adequate sleep (6-9 hours depending on your age and personal preference) your body will not burn calories efficiently. No matter how much you workout, a body that is inadequately rested will not use all the fuel you put into it. If you have trouble falling asleep, try to workout at a different time of the day. You may need an evening class to settle your mind from the day’s distractions. Alternatively, if a lively workout gives you too much buzzing energy for a good night’s sleep, try an early morning session. Set the tone of your day and let the evening be more steady.
3. If you’re getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water, you can continue to optimize the results of your Pilates workout by making a few small changes to your diet throughout the day. Going back to the basics is a feat way to start:
Consider reducing salt, and therefor water retention, by ditching the salt shaker and opting instead for salt free herb mixtures to season your food. Also remember that any restaurant food will contain a lot more salt than you’d imagine, so never sprinkle additional salt onto your date night plate.
Add a touch of green. Add fresh green foods to every meal. A small bed of salad greens or a side of cooked spinach or broccoli is a great, easy way to make sure you get all your vital nutrients and that you feel full after each meal or snack. The more colorful your plate, the better!
It’s brave to start something new, and takes a lot of guts to try to change your body. Give yourself all the advantages you can by making small choices every day to reach your goals.