We love meeting new Pilates clients at our studio! Here are our tips for new clients:

  • Read our website & our policies before you come in.
  • Take a look at our instagram page so you know what our studio looks like and what to expect.
  • Consider our two week new client offer. We think this is the best option because it allows new clients to really get to know our studio – you can take different classes, different times, different teachers and then see what works best for you. Then, use that information to purchase a membership.
  • Ask us fo help! Not sure what class package or membership to buy? We can help you figure it out. Did not not feel an exercise or find something confusing? Please chat with us after class and we’ll do our best.
  • Know your body (at least a little!). The majority of clients are able to hop directly into class and learn as they go. But some clients want a little more attention or feel more confident starting with private pilates lessons. Think about your comfort level and where you’ll fit in here.

We can’t wait to see you in our studio for a Pilates class!