Welcome to Core Reform Pilates! Here’s what you need to know to get started.

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Get Started & Get Hooked

2 Weeks for $75

1st Class for $15

Class Scheduling: Clients do all of their scheduling online via our scheduling system. To get started, you’ll create a profile, purchase a series and then book your class.

Private Scheduling: If you want to schedule a private session, we keep a handful of bookable times on the public schedule page. You can book those directly. If those times don’t work, send us an email with some days and times you’d like to visit. Let us know which studio you’d like to visit as well. 

Which Class to Start: Most clients start with Pilates Tone. This is our signature workout that tones the entire body.

Not Sure If You Should Start With Classes or Privates: This is a personal decision. Most clients start directly with classes and learn as they go. Generally, we’d say that if you have any sort of injury or condition that limits your movement, you should start with privates. We have a nice blog article with more info.  

Rules: We have some! We are extremely strict about our 12 hour cancellation policy. We require grip socks for all classes. All purchases come with an expiration date. Read more on our Policies & FAQs pages.

Have Questions or Want to Chat: Reach out to us and we’re glad to help. We strive to respond promptly to all calls and emails received during business hours. Sometimes, we are able to respond to emails more quickly than phone calls.