If you’re away and can’t make it to Pilates class over the holiday weekend, we have a quick mini-workout for you! No weights are needed, but it’s great if you could add them for the lunges.
Warm up: Two minutes standing marching. As you march, use your core. Imagine that you’re doing the single leg ab series while standing. Every time your leg comes up, righten your core.
Workout: Three things, repeat 2-3 times depending on time.
Plank series:
Hold plank 30 seconds, 30 seconds slow leg lifts.
Hold plank 30 seconds, 30 seconds leg spider-man.
Hold plank 30 seconds, 30 seconds hip dips.
Lunge series:
Bank lunges – 10 each leg; add rotation towards the leg that lunges back.
Curtsey lunges – 10 each leg
Push up series:
Start in your plank, then plank walk 4-5 steps. Do 3 push ups. Go the other way. Repeat three times.
There you have it! As always, be safe and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right for your body. If you’re new, we’d always recommend you try these things first in private training before doing it on your own.