Francesca is one of our long time Core Reform teachers. She actually started with us when she was getting her Pilates certification, ages ago!

How did you get into Pilates?

I got into Pilates through dance. Pilates helped me find more strength and flexibility to enhance my dancing. I was about to bring Pilates into dance and also into understanding movement patterns and anatomy of the body. 

What do you like most about teaching Pilates at Core Reform?

I love the motivated and positive clients at Core Reform. I enjoy that they are always looking for a challenge while having a great time. The best part is when clients finish class and walk out with a smile and signs of working hard. You can tell they feel encouraged, strong, and invigorated for their day. 

What fitness tip or tips would you give to clients? 

I believe that if you take care of your body, then your body will take care of you. Doing Pilates is a perfect step in the right direction, but it is also important to find other ways to treat your body well. This includes nourishing your body with proper foods. Being healthy isn’t just in how we look, but more in the the way a person feels. 

As far as fitness tips in a Pilates class, it is important to understand how your body moves and what muscles are being used in certain exercises. In order to make a difference within your body, it is about the journey in each part of the exercise rather than loading up on weight, springs, or the amount of reps to get from the start to the end. This will make a difference. 

How do you personally stay fit and healthy? 

I do Pilates, take dance technique classes and I work out at Borg Performance Training to build strength in a different way. Cross training is awesome for its physical effects. I also try to keep healthy eating habits and to cook at home as much as possible.