Our studio requires face coverings when customers enter and exit the studio, or whenever a customer is not on his/her reformer. For now, masks are optional during workouts, when we can promise physical distance.

This blog post will review different face masks so you can pick the one you like best. We will keep the post current and add masks as we try them out / see them. If you have a favorite, tell us about it!
  • Goldsheep: A few of our staff are fans of the Goldsheep head strap masks. Favorite things about these mask are the cute patterns and good coverage. They stay on really well and do not slip. The head strap is nice because it can be pulled down around the neck when not in use, so it’s versatile, especially in situations where you’re taking your mask on/off. Breathability is good.
  • Wear Figs: This one is a favorite for being out and about because it comes with a filter and two replacements. The fabric is also super soft and it has wire around the bridge of the nose so it is comfortable and secure.
  • Plain Old Bandana: White these don’t stay on perfectly, a plain old band is highly breathable and easy to wear. This one is easy to wear when in a pinch and it’s very breathable for trying to do anything active. There are countless styles on Amazon and we’ll also sell a limited supply at the studio.
  • Loveworn: We’ve heard great things about this brand, which uses new vintage fabrics. This designer is known for reworking old pieces, so her masks are on the pricey side, but they are popular because they are reversible and have the bridge over the nose. We have clients who wear these to workout.
  • Neoprene N99 Mask: One client likes his Neoprene N99 mask because of the filters and comfortable. This is the easiest mask to workout in, but right now it’s very difficult to get, so we can’t even post a good link for you.


  • Our neighbors at Orange Theory Fitness say that Swim Spot’s face masks are the best for high intensity workouts. We haven’t yet tried them, but please let us know what you think!


  • Face Shield: Some clients love the plastic face shield. Here’s a link!