We will update this post regularly as the Covid-19 situation continues to unfold.

As of 3/17, we are cancelling classes until further notice. We will be offering free instagram mat classes, virtual private training and accessory/equipment rental.

As a studio, we have an opportunity to help the community and stop the spread of this virus. We are going to take that opportunity and spend some quality time with our families.

Our original closure was voluntary, but now it is a state-wide order. We plan to re-open as soon as it’s allowed. Our studio capacity has been adjusted and our machines have a safe 6 feet of space. All members with active plans will receive extensions on their plan and all existing reservations have been cancelled. We will keep our blog posted with updates.


We would like for you to know about the steps we are taking to keep our customers and trainers healthy during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

  • We have reduced capacity and space our machines so they are 6 feet apart. There are no more than 9 people per class at Westcliff and 5 at Fashion Island..
  • We wipe down our machines with alcohol based cleaning wipes after each class.
  • We clean our machines with alcohol based cleaning products during studio off hours.
  • We are working with our professional cleaning services to increase our already comprehensive cleaning procedures.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and follow protocol suggested by the CDC and local government agencies.

To keep everyone healthy, we are showing some flexibility with our studio policies during this time.

– If you’re not feeling well, please do not come to the studio. We will waive our late cancellation penalty when customers 1) late cancel themselves from class AND 2) email us to inform us of the late cancellation. You must follow steps 1 & 2 to have the penalty waived and you may do this no more than twice.  
– If you’re not feeling well, we’ll be glad to extend the expiration of your package. We will grant 14 day extensions when requested. Extensions longer than 14 days require a medical note.

As another precaution, if our trainers suspect you might be unwell they have the authority to ask for more information and possibly ask you to leave (without penalty). If you come for class and your seasonal allergies are bothering you, let us know!

We also offer reduced rates on private training during the studio’s afternoon hours.

We appreciate your attention and precaution. Our goal is to keep the studio safe and fun as we navigate through this unfolding scenario.

  • Team Core Reform