Many people find that a typical Pilates group session or private lesson is not the ideal workout for their needs. Of course! For someone who is trying to build big muscles by lifting weights, increase their endurance by long distance running or interval training, or who just loves the way a 90 minute hot yoga class makes them feel, replacing their favorite routine with a Pilates lesson may not make sense. But adding a weekly Pilates session to the mix will have a strong, positive impact on the quality and results of your other workouts. By consciously practicing correct joint placement, Pilates students are at less risk of injury when they go into a more extreme situation, such as a competition or marathon. In all of our classes, we learn to operate our limbs from our core body, our Pilates Powerhouse. This deliberate focus of moving the arms and legs from the core body reverberates through all of our movements, be it in sports, or just daily life. If you or someone you know is reluctant to make Pilates a priority, give it a month! A weekly class will start to make a difference fast.