Core Reform Pilates spends a lot of effort maintaining its machines. For starters, we wipe down the machines after every class. Beyond that, we clean our machines 3-4 times per week. This means we wipe the rails, we get under the headrests, we dust the footbars. We try to keep the machines looking nice for customers.

We also inspect our machines regularly. We check the straps for evenness. We check the bolts. We investigate little squeaks and creaks. We replace the springs every 2 years and we replace the rollers as needed. We keep a binder where we have notes about all the things we’ve replaced or changed.

We do this because we want to workout on clean and safe machines, so we assume you do as well.

Next time to visit a Pilates studio, ask them about their machine maintenance. See how old their springs are and how often they thoroughly clean their machines.